The Why
Our team found a niche in the market where businesses aren’t doing enough outbound marketing, prospecting, fully equipped marketing campaigns and are losing the leads for their sales funnel. We took an age-old method of cold calling that wasn’t available in an outsourced form unless you looked overseas, and started it here in America. We allow you to outsource your cold calling, marketing, and build your sales funnel all simultaneously! Our goal is to help companies minimize worrying about finding leads so they can maximize their time operating their actual business. We love what we do, that is why we constantly are researching effective strategies, watching new training videos, innovating lead prospecting techniques. Our team of project managers, consultants and our partnered businesses allow for a truly unique client experience The Atlas Network an edge over anyone else out there. We hope you join the team today!
The Mission
Our objective is specifically to help companies minimize the amount of time and energy developing leads so they can maximize their efforts working on their business operations.
The Who


Karol Brehany, CEO

The reason Karol stepped into this role and started the company was he saw how necessary outbound prospecting is for salesman and businesses. I wanted to provide salespeople and businesses a reliable process with real American outsourced consultants that can develop pitch your message and set the table for you to sit down with a new prospect and sell. Mr. Brehany have been in sales and marketing for the last 6 years. He has lead marketing teams and spear headed sales strategies for multiple lead generation campaigns. Karol has developed over 1,000 unique scripts for successful cold calling campaigns. During his oversight of a previous company he drove sales from their baseline of $70,000 to $300,000 within one year of serving the business.

Peter, Vice President

Peter has extensive experience with sales and event marketing. His personality and experiences have lead to multiplies of sales conversions during his attendee at multitudes of events. Cold calling and script development are Pete's forte along with extensive experience in email communication inside sales, and client relations. Peter has excellent insight in human interaction and enjoys implementing his phycology and business degree knowledge to maximize business's sales potential. Not only does Pete know how to simplify and personalize the sales process he also excels at helping businesses come together and get their message out. He knows how to manage and train consultants on how to best interact and develop rapport with potential clients

Greg, COO

Greg is experience in sales, technical skills and in building easy to understand databases which our clients can pull valuable information for sales conversions. Greg is a check and balance for overviewing client progress and optimization. He also oversees our calling process and consultants.

The Atlas Business Corporation is eager to see how we can help your business and network flourish. Send us a message today so we can empower you to grow tomorrow.